Top 4 web design trends

It’s more important than ever to understand the current growing or trending web design trends. Especially with more and more companies moving to online or fully online stores, you really need to understand the current web design trends. So let’s jump into them why don’t we!!

1. White Space

Using more white space or using a more effective use of white space has become a huge web design trend recently. I’ve seen so many websites start to take a huge focus on using more white space in their web design patterns. I’ve noticed this becoming a web design trend more recently of course in 2020.

However, I’m sure that this web design trend will not fail to also find its way in 2021,2022 and beyond. This web design style is definitely here to stay as it is a very easy style to replicate and can really help increase engagement by simultaneously forcing my time on the company's website(assuming the design is eye catching of course!) This web design trend is very easy on the eyes and really allows the eyes to rest and easily understand the website's flow and hierarchy, but not too busy , where it’s hard to understand what you’re supposed to do on the website or where you’re supposed to click or look.

Many websites don’t use enough white space and try to jumble so much content on one page, to the point where it’s very hard to understand how to navigate the website, or the entire website just looks spammy or like an ad and this often leads to low conversion rates and can really instill a lack of trust from website viewers, which is of course something you don’t want.

By using more white space on your website's designs you can start to create an easy to understand website, while focusing on user experience as well. It’s no wonder this web design trend has been popular in the fast and will most likely be here for the future as well! A good example of a great use of white space is the website made in honor of greta thunberg. Now regardless of if you agree with this particular person's views or not we can all agree that this particular website is really eye-catching and really puts their white space to use when emphasizing on different items.

Another good example of a web site making use of this particular web design trend is’s payout page. If you look at this page and actually many other pages on their website you can see that they have actually used many different web design trends all over their website. However, on this particular web page they’re thoroughly making use of their white space. Yet again has kept their reputation of practicing great front end design on their website.

Look at how they separate the title and paragraph from the image on the right. They really take advantage of this minimalist approach by using less words and more white space to help emphasize their points. By using more white space and less words, they are able to say more whilst actually saying less. It’s an excellent use of this web design trend and a really awesome example of what a web developer can do when there is a high focus on ui/ux Design. Another really nice example of an effective use of white space is

They made an amazing design using white space, some webgl animations using greensocket and what looks to be adobe illustrator for designing the images that they use with their designs.

It may also be worth it to notice the consistent color theme. Using a consistent color palette is extremely useful in making sure your web design utilizes the best use of colors, and really helps draw the eye to what you want your website's viewers to look at. When your trying to effectively use a white space theme it’s important to make sure your color palette is consistent and the colors you use are relative to the niche your website is covering.

2. Full page headers

Full page headers have really taken over the current web design trends this year. You’ll notice so many websites are using full page headers, where the whole first section is just the banner section or hero section. This is really useful in separating your content and creating a real cinematic approach to your web design.

If you look below you can see Does a very good job of using a full page header design for their home page. Which showcases their understanding of current web design trends. Another great example of a website using a full page for their heading is code sandbox. You can look below and see their design and exactly how they use a full page for their header section.

Notice how they use the full page and the animation below it only starts once you start scrolling to the next section utilizing the full page for the next section as well. Which you can see below.

Web designers can implement header variations as you’ve seen above, but a popular set up involves adding key text or call-to-action (CTA) buttons to the left of the header with eye-catching images on the right. This allows the website to make the most use of the header by taking advantage of the space by adding a call to action in the space where websites viewers eyes are most drawn to.

3. Video Banners

Video banners are huge right now and you can see them on so many websites right now and for good reason! A powerful video with some high quality text over it can look amazing on the right website. Just take a look at these!

As you can see a good video background can really set the stage for an interesting website and really draw your website visitors in! As seen below.

As you can see several of these web design trends are really snazzy! Keep reading to see more!

4. Heavy use of cartoons or svg’s

Many website designers have started to take a more interesting and playful approach to web design by implementing tons of cartoony designs to make a more relaxed feel for their website. As seen on the Website above You can also see this web design trend being practiced and practiced well at Superhero.js a website that talks about creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base.

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